Hiring Clients

“Of all the decisions a hiring manager makes, none are as important as the decision about people because they ultimately determine the performance capacity of the organization.”

– Peter Drucker, “Father of Modern Management”


“The Top 20 High-Business-Impact Positions…the highest impact positions are those that make up the C-suite, but that is rarely the case…I have found that the following nonexecutive positions are most likely to produce the highest direct business impact in the average organization…

  1. Sales manager
  2. Sales professionals”

– Dr. John Sullivan, “LeBron…High-Impact Hiring Strategy,” March 14, 2011

Our Objectives for Serving You

When you engage an external search and recruitment partner, you expect hiring results above and beyond what you can produce internally.

We are committed to Client-Focused Targeted Search and Recruitment™ whereby we work in partnership with our hiring clients to solve their unique needs to find, select, hire and retain the best available talent as productively as possible.

Our objectives for the fulfillment of your needs are simple and straightforward.

  1. To earn a position of valued support for your search and recruitment needs by producing and delivering exceptional hiring results.
  2. To consistently provide you with the search and recruitment solutions that you consistently measure as the “Gold Standard” best in class.
  3. To achieve the distinction of being your ongoing preferred provider partner for search and recruitment solutions.
  4. To earn the gratification of seeing SMR Group Ltd candidates that are hired make substantial contributions to the growth and success of your organization.

We earn the vast majority of our business on a repeat engagement basis, attesting to the high level of results we consistently deliver to our hiring clients.

Overview of Positions and Areas We Recruit For

We have extensive experience working with large national expansions and normal attrition backfills.

Our work serves multiple therapeutic groups, including endocrinology, cardiovascular, neuroscience, pain care, immunology, women’s health, renal, GI, respiratory, oncology, AI, urology, dermatology, aesthetics, ophthalmology, wound care, diagnostic testing, medical devices and more.

Positions we recruit for include field territory sales reps; specialty sales; institutional account sales; district, regional and national sales management leaders; medical science liaisons; sales trainers; managed markets; and marketing management.

Services are delivered geographically on a national level in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.