Biotechnology, or “biotech,” focuses on the creation of pharmaceuticals and other medical products through the use of biological agents. The industry has been the site of several breakthroughs in pharmaceutical therapies in recent years, some of which have been astoundingly successful in treating previously hard-to-address autoimmune diseases.

If you’re poised to launch your career in marketing, here are five reasons to take a good look at biotech:

You’re never alone.

Biotech companies rely on team effort. The process of turning research into a viable product and then bringing that product to market requires input from operations, production, R&D and marketing. Because you’re always working on a team, you’re always learning from and supported by similarly passionate professionals.

You’re always learning.

Biotech is one of the fastest-moving industries in the United States today, which means there’s always something new to know, learn or understand. If you thrive on change, biotech might be the place for you.

You’re often the most valuable person in the room.

Marketing professionals often have a foot in two worlds: They have the technical knowledge to understand the “science speak” behind the product and the communication skills to translate that jargon for non-scientists. If being indispensable for your way with words appeals to you, try biotech.

Travel is often built in.

Many marketing professionals are attracted to the job because they enjoy traveling, meeting new people and learning new things, particularly at venues like conferences. In biotech, sales staff aren’t the only ones who hit the road: Marketing staff and even the scientists themselves are often traveling to conferences, giving presentations, and engaging with others.

You get to see your work help people.

Unlike marketing the latest shiny tech toy to adults or the latest plastic gadget to kids (or vice versa), the products you present to physicians, hospitals and the public are designed and intended to combat disease and save lives. The better you present your message, the more people you help. That’s a pretty good feeling.

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