Companies seeking to hire a top candidate typically know how to appeal to “active” job seekers – those individuals who are on the job-market working every day to find a new job.  Fewer hiring managers, however, know how to find the exceptional “passive” candidates, busy working at their jobs and producing above-average results.  These individuals, who are not actively looking for a new job but who are open to the right offer when it is professionally presented and sold to them, typically bring some of the best talent and experience in their field to a new job…if employers know how, and have the resources and time, to find them.

How can you reach these elusive yet qualified passive candidates?  Your recruiting partner has access to some of the best talent hidden in the market-place through their extensive networking and deep-drilling sourcing skills and tools.  You can also reach qualified passive candidates by employing the following tips:

  1. Network. Building an active presence in local and professional organizations is a simple and effective way to expand your professional network and the passive candidates it contains.  Work to become known as a resource within your network; you’ll attract the attention of both current and rising stars in your field and encourage passive candidates to take a second look at your company.
  2. Focus on branding. Raising awareness of your organization’s brand puts your company top-of-mind among those who work in your industry, including passive candidates.  Consider using an integrated brand-building strategy that focuses on traditional marketing methods, building community recognition and support, and taking an active role in your industry and your networks in order to raise awareness of your brand.
  3. Use social media. Social media networks have expanded companies’ abilities to communicate with their audiences like never before.  They’ve also expanded companies’ abilities to find and connect with passive job seekers.  Use LinkedIn and similar social media tools to find promising candidates and strike up a conversation with them, sharing valuable industry information while also cultivating the connections you need to find top talent.
  4. Rely on your recruiting partner.  An experienced, exceptional, best practices recruiting partner has the resources, knowledge and skills to discover and deliver to you a slate of exceptional talent  who are producing great things in your field for other companies.  Engage with your recruiting agency to find and select the elusive passive candidates who will make an outstanding fit and contribution within your organization.

The experienced recruiters at SMR Group Ltd can help you find the outstanding passive candidates who can bring outstanding experience, skills, and work ethic to your organization.  We specialize in recruiting the best sales and marketing talent in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical industries! Contact us today to learn more!

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