Marketing professionals are busy people.  A good marketing department may have a dozen or more projects rolling at once, as well as an endless list of ideas that might be developed into profitable future campaigns.  Add administrative duties, meetings, coordination with other departments, and tracking the effectiveness of the work, and eight hours never feels like enough.

How can marketing teams get more done in less time?  Here’s how to boost productivity:

  1. Batch administrative tasks. Humans lose a few seconds every time they switch from one type of task to another type. Over the course of a day, those seconds add up.  Teach team members how to “batch” tasks in order to reduce the lost time.  For instance, instead of making a phone call, logging the call, and sending a follow-up email, have staff make all ten of their phone calls (while taking notes), log them, then send all necessary follow-ups.
  2. Automate as many parallel or redundant tasks as possible. Computer programs and systems are making it easier than ever to automate certain tasks. For instance, many email programs automatically search for dates and log them into the coordinating calendar software, eliminating the need for email users to comb through and enter those deadlines into their own calendars.
  3. Create a standardized research process. How long should researching a client, concept, product, or idea take? By creating a standardized set of steps to follow, you can reduce the amount of time employees spend seeking out information and maximize the amount of relevant information they gather. You’ll also have a convenient way to compare the results with one another, helping the team make better decisions.
  4. Hold better meetings. Circulate the agenda for each meeting at least 24 hours in advance, so that people come prepared with information and questions.  Include only those people for whom the information is directly relevant or who need to offer input.  If you complete the agenda early, dismiss everyone early.  And always check yourself; if the matter can be dealt with via email, don’t schedule a meeting at all.

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