To progress in your career as a biotech sales representative, consider adding one or more certifications to your resume. Certifications can help set you apart from the rank and file candidate, particularly when they’re the type of certifications that are most desired by hiring managers.

Hiring committees who see one or more certifications listed on an applicant’s resume develop certain expectations about that candidate. For instance, they expect the certification indicates you possess a certain level of knowledge in the subject that other candidates do not—especially if the certification required you to take a class and demonstrate your knowledge. They may also think the certification indicates you have a drive to learn that noncertified candidates do not possess.

To improve your skills and your resume, consider the following certifications:

RMSR Certification

The Registered Medical Sales Representative (RMSR) certification is bestowed by the National Association of Medical Sales Representatives (NAMSR), which also provides course materials and test preparation. Certification is earned by passing a required exam, which can be taken online.

The purpose of the RMSR program is to provide additional, focused training for sales professionals in the biotech and medical device fields, to help sales and marketing professionals in these fields improve their skills and advance their careers, and to establish a credential whose quality is reliable for hiring managers.

NAPSRx Certification

For a credential that appears less often among biotech sales professionals—but provides valuable information and a perspective many hiring managers desire—consider the NAPSRx. Administered by the National Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives, the NAPSRx focuses on pharmaceutical knowledge.

Sales and marketing professionals who focus on pharmaceuticals often have NAPSRx certification, but those who focus on biotech are less likely to possess this certification, allowing you to stand out to hiring managers as a professional who goes “above and beyond” to understand the details of the products and services you’re offering to customers.

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