For your biotech sales team to succeed, you must give them the right tools. That starts with an excellent product, the right collateral and the support they need to achieve their sales goals. What you cannot give them is more than 24 hours in a day.

Here are three ideas that can help them make the most of their limited time:

Single tasking. For many years, multitasking was held as the gold standard of productivity. But recent research indicates that there is really no such thing as multitasking. You are not working on multiple things at once; you are quickly cycling from one task to another. This requires your mind to reorient itself for every switch – losing productivity.

With the variety of skills, talents and tasks required for sales success, your reps may attempt to do it all at once. Instead, encourage them to group like activities together. Suggest they make all of their

cold calls together and prepare all their materials at once. Stack meetings so that your reps can get them all out of the way in a single day instead of coming back into the office several times a week.

Eliminate unproductive activities. Your sales team’s time is precious and maximum productivity depends on guarding it. Eliminate activities that don’t provide a good return on their time investment. Offload administrative tasks so they can focus on revenue-driving activities.

Give them tools that help them map out their sales calls without backtracking. Streamline reporting and expense tracking. Every nonproductive task you can remove from your sales team will pay your biotech company back in increased ROI.

Take time to recharge. With the advent of mobile technology, it’s easy for work life to leak into home life. To a certain degree, it’s unavoidable. Your team wants to keep up with your industry in a way that’s not always possible during working hours. But every once in a while, it’s vital to their productivity – and sanity – to completely unplug.

Avoid contacting them during off hours and lead by example by taking your vacation days. Encourage them to spend time on hobbies, keeping in shape or just reading a book on the patio. Your team will operate more efficiently and enjoy their jobs more.

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