In some ways, great sales talent in the biotech industry is indistinguishable from great sales talent in other industries. Top sales professionals are motivated, outgoing, and inspired to keep learning more about new products, services, and procedures.

When all your top candidates meet these criteria, however, how can you choose among them? One way is to hone in on the certifications each candidate has acquired. Certifications shed light on multiple factors that can set a candidate apart from the crowd. First, a certification indicates that a candidate has met a minimum level of knowledge or experience – one that equally driven sales candidates without the credential may not match. Second, candidates who have done the work to earn their certifications demonstrate a level of passion, drive, and commitment that may be lacking in candidates who have not bothered to earn certification.

Certifications to look for when hiring sales professionals in the biotech industry include:

RMSR Certification

The National Association of Medical Sales Representatives (NAMSR) administers the Registered Medical Sales Representative (RMSR) certification exam. The NAMSR offers course materials and preparation for the test as well as administering the test itself online.

According to NAMSR, the RMSR program seeks to provide training in the highly technical field of medical device and equipment sales and marketing, to help advance the careers of sales and marketing professionals who are already working in the industry, and to provide a credential that hiring managers can trust when seeking qualified medical sales professionals.

NAPSRx Certification

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives administers the NAPSRx, which focuses on pharmaceutical knowledge. Although the NAPSRx is most commonly taken by professionals who wish to focus on pharmaceutical sales and marketing, the credential gives a biotech sales representative insight into the overlap between two closely related industries. Candidates who have completed both the RMSR and the NAPSRx demonstrate a level of knowledge and commitment that immediately sets them apart from other candidates in a highly competitive field.

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