There is rarely a shortage of medical sales jobs candidates. The challenge is finding candidates who are truly qualified. A successful medical sales professional must have sales skills and scientific acumen, a combination that is not easy to come by. If you identify a candidate who is stronger in one aspect than the other, how can you quickly ramp them up? Training required to get them up to speed on your specific product line is already extensive. Can you afford the time it may take to train them in the basics?

If you hire a candidate with an RMSR certification, you won’t have to.

The areas of concentration in RMSR training programs usually include product knowledge, medical/healthcare industry education, and sales skills and relationship management. Each brings an advantage for the job seeker and you the employer.

Product Knowledge. The range of medical devices being sold and used in the industry is extensive, with new products being developed every day. While RMSR training won’t make the candidate conversant in your particular product line, you won’t waste time explaining the basics. It can be frustrating to begin your training explaining the difference between a stent and a shunt.

Industry Insights. The healthcare and medical industry, like most others, has its own language and protocols. This can be one of the most difficult things for outsiders to grasp. An RMSR-certified candidate comes with a strong base of industry knowledge. You will, of course, need to build on that base so the trainee understands your particular specialty, but you won’t be starting from ground zero.

Sales Skills. Some people are naturals at sales, but for those who aren’t, the training offered in an RMSR certification can be invaluable. This training is especially desirable for candidates whose natural abilities fall more along scientific lines, but need help understanding how to explain the features and benefits to prospects and close sales.

Relationship Management. This concentration may be particularly valuable for candidates who come from B2B sales in a different industry. An otherwise strong candidate who is accustomed to a one-call close can become frustrated by the long process required by medical sales and how deeply they may be required to dive into the actual medical practice. A software sales professional might be completely unprepared for the prospect of scrubbing in on a surgery using your product. Making it through the RMSR process will at least eliminate the squeamish.

By prioritizing candidates with RMSR certifications you can be assured that even an entry-level candidate will have a strong foundation for medical sales success.

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