Seeking a new job is a sales project in many ways. You’re reaching out, building relationships, and attempting to close a deal that works for both you and your prospective employer.

For sales professionals, leveraging sales tactics in your job search not only helps you close the deal, it also demonstrates to potential employers that you’re passionate and skilled at what you do. Here are five top sales tactics to adapt to your job search today.

  1. Use referrals to close deals. Experienced salespeople know that a referral from a happy customer beats a cold call. The same is true in employment. Reach out to your professional network to see who can put your name into their employee referral program. Your recruiter can be a strong referral source as well.
  2. Put yourself out there. Proactive salespeople tend to post better numbers than passive ones—and they report higher enjoyment of their jobs, too. Be proactive in your job search by calling, connecting with networking contacts and ensuring your LinkedIn profile is always complete and up to date.
  3. Customize your application. Salespeople have an “edge” when it comes to tailored job applications because they already know how to research a prospective client or customer before making contact. Avoid the urge to send the same generic cover letter and resume over and over; instead, take a more tailored approach based on each prospective employer’s marketing materials, mission, and job posting.
  4. Use LAER to your advantage. The LAER process (listen, acknowledge, explore, respond) is one of the primary tools in many salespeople’s toolboxes, and it has unparalleled power to help you land a job. Leverage the LAER process every time you ask a question—especially during your interview.
  5. Lead the conversation. Too many candidates, including sales candidates, treat the interview as something scheduled to be done to them. Instead, be willing to lead the conversation by asking, “What is it about my resume that stood out to you?” The interviewer’s response will tell you exactly where their primary interests lie, allowing you to focus on those for the remainder of the interview.

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