We’ve talked about certifications that can help move sales staff forward – but should your company take the lead on providing these opportunities to your sales staff?

Here’s why putting certification options in front of your teams can be one of the best decisions you ever made:

It raises the bar.

Making certification opportunities visible to your sales teams automatically raises the standard for them. Even when certifications aren’t required, announcing the option to acquire them says, “Our best salespeople understand the value of these certifications. They’ll likely achieve them. So should you.”

Instantly, staff realize there’s something bigger to reach for – and since salespeople are often motivated by challenges and prestige, they’ll do the reaching.

It reduces the “bandwidth” required to seek certification.

Many sales professionals would like to be certified in specific areas. When the work to research certifications, choose a class, schedule time to study and ask for time off work to take exams piles up, however, some staff decide the work is not worth the reward.

By offering certification opportunities, companies automatically lower the effort required. Staff can focus on learning all they can from the process, instead of handling the logistics necessary to allow them to study in the first place.

It improves your team’s skills.

The right certifications provide more than just a piece of paper. They provide payoff in terms of relevant knowledge that is immediately applicable to the salesperson’s work.

One way to ensure staff are seeking the most valuable certifications is to curate the opportunities available. This way, you know your sales team is putting in the effort to become certified in a topic that genuinely applies to their work – and you’ll know the piece of paper represents real knowledge and value gained.

It improves your company culture.

Top salespeople are deeply invested in their own professional growth. They seek companies that display an equal investment in that growth, and one of the best ways to invest is to make it easy for staff to seek and obtain relevant certifications. Demonstrate you’re a workplace that cares what and whether your staff learn, and you’ll attract better candidates while improving the engagement of the staff you have.

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