Biotech marketing is one of the most exciting and fast-paced fields available today, and marketing teams need good leaders who can help their companies stay competitive.

While good managers are often good leaders, management and leadership aren’t identical skill sets.

Seven Traits to Look for in Biotech Marketing Leaders


The best leaders put listening first. They want to understand before they make themselves understood. In interviews, look for candidates who listen thoughtfully, ask clarifying questions, and respond with answers that address what you want to know.


A leader’s job is to communicate both the overall vision and the specific steps to their team. Leaders with strong, clear communication skills put their teams in the best position to understand what needs to be done in order to achieve the group’s goals.


Great leaders are often humble or unassuming in person. They understand that leadership isn’t about them; it’s about how well the team achieves what it sets out to do. As a result, they tend to see their work as focused on supporting team member’s skills, strengths and engagement, so that each person can contribute their best work to the overall result.


Leaders spend a great deal of time thinking ahead. They read, analyze and seek to understand the “big picture” in which their team operates. Interview questions that ask for the candidate’s perspective on the industry or on their own career path can help you understand how well the candidate has considered the larger issues.


The best leaders don’t always have an immediate answer to every problem. Instead, they may spend time thinking about the best option available. They may get into the trenches with staff to work on a problem, or they may spend time simply watching how current processes work in order to spot specific weaknesses.


Leaders need passion. Their role is to share this passion and a vision of greatness with their teams, while coordinating the team’s work into a unified effort that achieves the vision. The ability to formulate and communicate a passionate vision is the difference between an average supervisor and a strong leader.


The ability to maintain consistency between words and behavior allows a leader to build trust and respect with their teams. Many leaders encapsulate integrity in sayings like “I walk my talk” or “I do what I say I will do.”

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