When you’re looking for a job in marketing, standing out among other candidates can be tough. Not only are many qualified people also applying for the position, but your shared background in marketing means every candidate already knows how to position their own strengths to their best advantage.

Nevertheless, there’s still a way to gain an edge. A portfolio that showcases your best achievements can help you stand apart from the crowd. By putting your achievements forward, you’re showing prospective employers you can sell more than just yourself.

Here’s how to create a marketing portfolio to help you stand out and get a job:

Choose your strongest achievements.

Choosing your “best work” for a portfolio can be baffling since “best” can be defined in several ways. Should you choose the work you loved most? The work that got the most praise? The work it took you longest to complete?

By focusing on the pieces that got the best results, you demonstrate what your work can achieve for a new employer. You can even quantify the work’s value: “This ad campaign raised our sales by 47 percent.”

Leverage the power of online communities.

Using an online tool to create your portfolio allows you to share it immediately with prospective employers. You can simply include the link in your cover letter or resume, giving employers a chance to look at your work early in the process.

In addition, creating a portfolio on a site like LinkedIn can help you reach employers and recruiters whom you may not have considered. With your portfolio available to a vast community of marketing professionals, you build a reputation as a professional worth noticing.

Get a second opinion.

Just as you might have a trustworthy colleague examine your cover letter or resume, have someone you trust review your portfolio as well. Contacting a recruiter for help can give you the industry perspective you need to ensure you’ve assembled a compelling collection of your work.

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