In sales, time is literally money. Every minute spent on tasks that do not generate revenue can feel like a waste of your most precious resource. However, non-revenue generating tasks are part of every sales professional’s daily routine, so it’s important to maximize every moment.

Here are some strategies you can start using today to improve your time management skills.  


Cold Call And Prospect Based on Customers’ Time – Not Yours 

Most sales reps block off time for cold calling and prospecting at a time that is convenient for them, which is not always the best time to reach people. Making cold calls over lunch probably won’t get you very far. According to data, the best time to connect with prospects both online and via phone is early in the morning or late afternoon on Wednesdays and Thursdays. While there is no perfect time to reach everyone, take note of times that are successful and schedule cold calling appropriately.  

Schedule Appointments Like FedEx 

FedEx routes are carefully mapped out for maximum efficiency. Outside reps can waste hours upon hours driving back and forth across their territories if they don’t take time to plan appointments strategically.  This isn’t always possible – you’re at the mercy of your clients’ availability but do your best to map your territory to meet with clients and check in with prospects in the same geographic area.  

Batch Your Work  

Do you have a list of clients you need to reach out to? Billing you need to follow up on? Proposals to create? Do them all at the same time. As you plan your day, do your best to batch similar tasks together. Again, this is not always possible – inevitably you’ll have a fire to put out here or there or a prospect who suddenly wants a proposal before EOD, but batching your work can keep you focused and save you the time and energy that comes with bouncing around from task to task.  

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate  

If your sales department has sales assistants who are there to help you with proposals, emails, mailings, billing, etc., take advantage of their time and expertise. Micromanaging is a waste of your precious time, so put trust in your support staff. They are there to help you shine, after all. It’s also worthwhile to build rapport with support staff so they will be more willing to step to the plate if you need something last-minute or in a hurry.  

Find A Better Employer  

If you manage your time well now but you always seem to be buried in non-essential tasks, it might be time to seek out greener pastures. At SMR Group, we specialize in connecting sales and marketing professionals to the best jobs and companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. To learn more about our commitment to your successcontact us today or browse our current job openings. 


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