Good salespeople can be difficult to find, especially when the economy is strong. Top candidates often field competing offers from several different companies, and much of the best talent is already happily employed.  

Finding the right talent isn’t impossible, however. A staffing firm that specializes in placing sales professionals can be an invaluable source of help.  

Your sales recruiter can: 

Help you build a strong employment brand. 

Your job postings tell candidates what you need them to do. Your employment brand tells them why they should do that work with your company.  

A strong employment brand sets your company apart from others who are seeking the same candidates. It provides a glimpse into your culture as well, allowing candidates to apply with confidence that they’ll offer a strong fit with your existing teams and processes for success.  

Your recruiter can help you highlight the strengths of your company’s culture, weaving them into an employment brand that sells the company to top sales candidates. 

Shorten time to hire. 

The longer a job remains open, the more money a sales department spends. A longer hiring process also risks alienating top candidates, who may lose interest or even receive another job offer while they wait for a reply. 

Staffing firms help shorten time to hire by recommending qualified candidates whose resumes and references have already been screened. Sales leadership can thus focus their energies on interviewing vetted candidates in order to choose the best fit for their team. 

Connect with “passive” candidates. 

“Passive” candidates are passive in name only. They’re hard at work for a competing company’s sales department – but they’re willing to consider a job change if the right opportunity comes along. 

By building relationships with passive candidates, recruiting firms are poised to make the connection between the right job and the right candidate. The chances are good that your recruiter can think of at least one working sales professional who would be open to accepting a job with your team.  

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