Medical sales representatives continue to build thriving careers in a growing field. As the population ages, medical sales remains an essential part of connecting patients and providers with the latest therapeutic tools.  


Medical sales is well-known as a challenging field and a highly rewarding one. To launch a career in medical sales: 


1. Decide where you’ll specialize. 


Medicine is a highly specialized field, so it stands to reason that medical sales are highly specialized as well. In order to thrive as a medical sales rep, you’ll need to follow your interests into a specialized area. 

Common specialties for medical sales reps include medical devices, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. Many medical sales reps specialize further within these fields – for instance, by becoming experts on their company’s array of medications to treat cancer.  


2. Emphasize the skills medical sales reps need. 


Often, companies that seek medical sales reps emphasize transferable skills over specific, technical experience in medical sales. That’s because medical sales leaders know that the right candidate can learn all the technical information they need to know on the job – but that foundational skills essential to selling can’t always be taught so easily. 

When seeking a job as a medical sales rep, emphasize key skills essential to success in the field. These include a passion for sales work, outstanding communication and persuasion skills, the ability to focus on detail without losing sight of the overall goal, and a habit of lifelong learning.  

To help yourself stand out and to learn more about the field, consider attending a medical sales rep training program or pursuing one or more certifications common in the field.  


3. Get other professionals on your side. 


One of the best ways to enter the medical sales field is by connecting to professionals who can help you. Getting to know other medical sales reps is a must, but so is building a relationship with a recruiter with strong relationships in the medical industry.  

If you’re interested in launching a career as a medical sales rep, talk to the recruiters at SMR Group today. We specialize in placing sales and marketing professionals with some of the fastest-growing biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the United States. To learn more, contact us today. 

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