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Many professionals feel as if there isn’t enough time for all their priorities, and sales professionals are no exception. To ensure that essential sales work gets done, salespeople often need to commit to rules guiding the management of their time.

Here’s how to start rethinking your approach to work so you spend your time and energy on the tasks that matter most:

Don’t try to clear your plate.

Many people approach time management as if their time is a cluttered table. If they move all the small things like emails out of the way, they’ll have a clear workspace from which they can finally tackle the most important tasks.

While this can feel like the right way to do it, the fact is that your time is never really clear. You may spend hours trying to answer all your emails, for instance, instead of doing essential tasks.

Instead, focus on the essential tasks first, and do the others only as far as necessary to ensure you get that top priority finished. For instance, answer a few emails if necessary to help you close a sale – but don’t try to answer every single email before you attend to that customer’s needs.

Think batching, not multitasking.

Multitasking has become a buzzword because it makes us feel productive in a busy environment. Multiple studies of human productivity, however, have discovered that multitasking actually drains our focus and attention. We lose the energy to do the work well because we spend it rapidly switching between tasks.

Instead of asking “how can I multitask here?”, ask “how can I batch my tasks?” By doing similar tasks together, but only one at a time, you help your brain stay focused and reserve its energy for the work, instead of spending it constantly switching between tasks and topics.

Delegate important tasks that aren’t top priorities.

Good managers know how to delegate to their teams. As the manager of your time, it’s also important to know when to ask someone else to step in on a task that needs to be done, but that isn’t your top priority. If you’re working on your career growth, for instance, you might ask a recruiter to help you find job opportunities that match your needs.

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