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Sales and marketing teams are essential for any business. In biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, the sales and marketing staff you choose have a direct impact on the company’s revenue and P&L results. Finding the best people to take on these roles is essential to success in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive industry.

To find the best sales and marketing talent, it’s important to look beyond each individual candidate. Rather, the best hiring decisions are made by contextualizing the candidate experience within a number of other factors.

Quality of Hire

Quality of hire factors are candidate-centric, but they also extend to your entire team. When candidates are evaluated according to a set of uniform criteria, it is easier to compare candidates more directly. A clearer overall picture of each candidate results, allowing the team to make better hiring decisions.

Leadership Development

Many hiring teams are immediately concerned with filling the open role in front of them. They see the team struggling while the role is empty, and they feel the impact of the open role on the team’s and organization’s bottom line.

The best hiring practices, however, think about both the present and the future. They focus on finding candidates who can do well in the role today and who can grow into leadership roles in the future. In this way, today’s hiring becomes a practice of ensuring the future prosperity of the organization as well as the addressing of immediate needs.

Hiring ROI

Factors like the time required to fill a position and the cost of employee turnover factor into the return on investment in the hiring process. How can the process be improved so that the team and organization receive the most value from the hiring process? Here, partnering with an experienced staffing firm is essential.

Looking for top sales and marketing talent in a competitive environment?

The recruiters at SMR Group can help. We connect our clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries to outstanding sales and marketing candidates. We’re here to help you find the best new hire to build your team.

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