How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Sales Professional SMR Group


The average sales professional will change job roles and employers several times in the course of their career. What holds their career together, therefore, isn’t their employer’s professional brand, but their own personal brand.

The value of a strong personal brand is its ability to support and advance your career, no matter where you are on that journey. Here are some ways to develop your personal brand as a sales professional.

Make Marketing Work For You

Many salespeople overlook branding because it seems to fall in the domain of marketing, rather than sales.

Building a brand is challenging for marketers because it’s impersonal. It’s an attempt to share an idea in a marketplace already filled to bursting with ideas, each clamoring for its own fifteen minutes of fame.

Salespeople, however, have the unique ability to make the impersonal personal. Sales staff are skilled at making one on one connections. When you attach your brand to this personal skill, you make it and yourself more memorable.

Use Your Social (Media) Skills

One of the easiest ways to build a personal brand as a salesperson is to use tools that are already a part of your daily repertoire, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Take some time to think about how to organize what you post or how to use it to build on common themes.

For instance, rather than mixing information about upcoming sales conferences with pictures of your dog, consider separating these two streams into a personal sales brand Twitter and a non-work Instagram whose audience includes your friends and family. Share your Twitter handle to build your sales brand and save your adorable dog pictures for those who appreciate them most.

Talk About Your Passions

One of the best ways to build a personal brand in sales is to share valuable, relevant information about sales, your industry, and upcoming problems, solutions, and trends. Whether you start a blog, create a weekly LinkedIn Pulse, or contribute to online conversations, you create yourself as someone others sales professionals can trust. You make sales personal.

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