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A new sales position or career is an exciting and challenging time in any professional’s life. There’s a ton of new information to be learned and new relationships to build.

Because there is so much to learn and do, transitioning into a new sales career can be daunting. Here’s how to make that transition go more smoothly.

3 Tips For Moving Into A New Career

Lean on – and grow – your network.

 In a time of transition, it’s important to stay connected to the professional sources you already have and to reach out to new connections.

Start by scheduling time to meet up with members of your network for coffee, lunch, or simply to catch up via telephone or online. Look for professional conferences and other events that can help you build more connections too.

Embrace learning.

Sales is a career path that demands constant learning. As you transition into a new sales career or role, get a jump start on the process by taking a training or certification course or by researching your industry and niche.

Taking charge of your own learning provides several benefits. First, you’re helping yourself build a foundation for further growth and for early success in your new sales role. Second, you’ll help yourself find what you love most about your niche and industry, allowing you to build a lifelong passion for your career – or determine what needs to change in order to build the career you love.

Know yourself.

As you step into a new sales role, take some time to think about where you are now. Make an honest assessment of your own strengths and weaknesses. When you know where you are, you can then plan a course that takes advantage of your strengths and helps you build upon your best areas for rapid growth.

Don’t forget to ask for outside perspectives as well. Trusted friends, family, colleagues, or experts like a recruiter can provide valuable insight into your current skills and your professional growth.

 Looking for a new sales opportunity?

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