What Can Your Sales and Marketing Teams Do to Reduce Client Attrition? SMR Group


Client attrition, also known as customer churn, can be a source of frustration for sales and marketing teams. Team members put in effort to build customer relationships, only to see those customers disappear.

Here’s how sales and marketing teams – and their leadership – can work to reduce client attrition.

How To Reduce Client Attrition?

Find out why clients leave.

“Ask customers why they leave” seems like simple advice – but a surprising number of sales and marketing teams skip this step. Instead, they try to guess why clients leave. When their guesses are wrong, future attempts to retain clients suffer.

Connect with customers directly to ask them why they left and what your team might do differently to help them to stay. Collect information from their responses in order to spot your team’s top attrition-related pain points.

Think “relationship,” not “sale.”

Clients who are actively engaged with your products, services, and salespeople are less likely to look elsewhere for what they need. Give clients reasons to keep coming back: Show them the value of their relationship with your company and its offerings and stay engaged with them in their day to day work.

Some examples of ways to build relationships include providing content about the key benefits and uses of a product, offering regular news updates, and checking in with them to see if they have questions or issues your sales and marketing team members can help solve. Focus on building a team that provides the expertise your clients need, and then make sure your clients know they can turn to you with any question.

Build a team of top talent.

Customer churn can also be a sign that your team needs more help or is running out of ideas for keeping customers engaged. If these are happening on your team, it may be time to source some outstanding sales or marketing talent in order to share the workload, provide fresh insights, and revitalize the team.

Looking for the Right Sales Teammates? 

To meet sales and marketing goals, having the right team is a must. At SMR Group, we specialize in connecting our clients in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries with some of the best available sales and marketing talent. Contact us today to learn more.

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