The route to obtaining a medical sales job has changed substantially in recent years. Companies were once willing to hire entry-level candidates with a science background and strong sales skills, giving them extensive training in products and sales techniques unique to the industry. But as budgets tighten, companies grow more dependent on seasoned reps and less willing to nurture young or career-changing candidates.

Gaining a RMSR certification can make you a more attractive candidate to companies looking to save time and money on training.

Physicians and other medical professionals no longer have patience for medical sales who visit their offices bringing limited knowledge and a free lunch. To capture the attention of doctors, medical sales representatives must be capable of acting as consultants, understanding the challenges doctors face and providing suitable solutions.

That means more training is necessary. But without the time or resources to train new representatives from scratch, employers are reluctant to take them on. It’s up to you to make yourself more attractive to employers.

RMSR provides you with a baseline of education that can help you get offers you would not get without certification. Medical device sales is a highly specialized technical field, so the right training and education is essential to getting your foot in the door and succeeding in your career.

Entry-level jobseekers or mid-career professionals looking for a change can take online certification classes at their own pace to prepare for a career in medical device and equipment sales.

Benefits of the RMSR program:

  • Seasoned sales professionals to learn more about the medical device industry.
  • Entry-level reps to improve their knowledge, skills and chance of landing a medical sales job.
  • Employers can spend less time and money training new hires.

Topics included in medical sales rep training include product knowledge, medical/healthcare industry education and sales skills and relationship management.

At SMR Group Ltd, our experienced recruiters give you the tools and advice you need to market yourself more effectively and the connections to help you find a new job. Learn more about our career opportunities in the pharmaceuticals, medical, and biotech industries today.


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