Finding the best sales and marketing talent can be difficult for biotech companies. Even when you’ve planned your hiring process, chosen specific screening criteria and changed the way you interview, you may find the best candidates are slipping through your fingers.

If this sounds familiar, your recruiting strategy may be missing one essential piece: a specialized recruiter.

Here’s why a recruiter who focuses on placing sales and marketing professionals within the biotech industry can be your best ally in finding top candidates:

Your recruiter understands what candidates need to thrive in biotech.

Sales and marketing professionals need a certain set of skills in order to thrive in their jobs. Those who work in the biotech industry also need other skills and traits, including a passion for continued learning and the ability to grasp sometimes-complex scientific topics.

Recruiters who only know sales and marketing may miss top traits essential for success in biotech. Recruiters who understand sales and marketing and biotech, however, know how to find candidates that fit well where those worlds overlap.

Your recruiter knows how to sell the best parts of working with your company.

A strong employment brand is essential for attracting candidates who offer the best possible fit for your sales and marketing team. However, many general recruiters don’t focus on building employment brands – or they lack the industry-specific knowledge necessary to help biotech companies build and communicate that brand within the context of their specific work.

A specialized recruiter, by contrast, understands the nuances of employment within the biotech industry. This recruiter can help you build an employment brand that effectively communicates what you do and attracts candidates who will thrive.

Your recruiter knows which candidates aren’t looking.

Even the strongest employment brand, however, only reaches candidates who are actively looking for jobs. A specialized recruiter also maintains relationships with “passive” candidates – professionals who like their current job, but who would take a new position if the circumstances were right.

Your specialized recruiter can introduce you to these passive candidates, expanding your candidate pool to include working professionals who will give thoughtful consideration to their fit with your team before they accept any job offer.

At SMR Group, Ltd, our recruiters specialize in helping clients in the biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical industries build the strongest recruiting strategy possible to attract marketing and sales professionals who will thrive on their teams. To learn more, contact us today.

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