The healthcare field is full of mergers, as companies seek to maintain or increase their competitive edge by acquiring or partnering with former competitors. For staff at these companies, however, news of a merger can be nerve-racking. What will happen to your job, your team or the culture you’ve grown to love?

A merger means change, but it doesn’t have to mean crisis. Here’s how to respond proactively to news of a merger, so your career thrives as a result.

Do your homework.

Start by learning all you can about the merger itself. Will one company simply absorb the other? Will the two attempt to offer a joint culture and approach to work? What is the internal culture of the other company or companies involved in the merger, and how might your approach to work fit into that culture? What are the numbers in your department expected to look like once the dust settles?

With this information in hand, you’ll be able to make a better decision regarding your next move.

Consider your options.

During your research, certain options or opportunities might present themselves. For instance, you may see a way to make a lateral move into a new job, join a new team or department, or make a graceful exit in pursuit of a job with a company that offers a better cultural fit.

A merger that results in massive layoffs can feel like you have no option – especially if you’re holding a pink slip. Yet the choice to seek the opportunities in each situation is always an option open to you.

Position yourself for success.

With your options in mind, start planning your next steps. For instance, if you see an opportunity to move into a position you’ve wanted, review your past work and build a case for yourself as an outstanding choice for that position. If you expect to be on the job market, speak to a recruiter for help polishing your application materials.

Regardless of your plan, recommit to doing the best work you can in the short term. By doing so, you’ll lay a strong foundation for your next move, whether it’s within the newly merged company, to another company in your industry or into a new field altogether.

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