Continuing education is a requirement in some professional fields, but it’s valuable to every professional. By investing in continuing education for your marketing team, you improve their ability to handle change, tackle challenges, and respond positively to conflict.

Here’s why – and how – to engage your marketing team with continuing education.

  1. Candidates increasingly demand attention to growth.

Lack of growth opportunities is one of the top reasons for employee turnover in marketing, with most marketing professionals listing professional development as one of their top concerns for a job.

To attract and keep the best candidates, then, marketing teams need opportunities for growth and development. Start by asking your current team members what training they believe would benefit them.

  1. Consider investing in in-house time and attention.

While external seminars, conferences, and courses can provide a fresh perspective and new skills, not all employee professional development needs must be met outside the office.

For example, if your employees are clamoring for improvement on public speaking skills, consider organizing a Pecha-Kucha or similar event. Employees can sign up, give short presentations, and have their skills assessed by a panel of managers, leadership and co-workers. These events can help build company culture and cohesion while also sharpening target skills.

  1. Create a culture of accountability when it comes to training.

Training can easily fall by the wayside as managers prioritize meeting team goals over further education. Without accountability, staff may get mired in the day to day demands of the job, continually postponing professional development.

Accountability helps make professional development a priority, instead of merely a promise. For instance, find ways to ensure that managers and staff alike have the support they need to seek out learning opportunities and take advantage of them. These may include offering perks like tuition or travel reimbursement, or even tying a portion of managers’ compensation to their ability to meet training-related goals.

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