Many recruiters claim that they focus on matching sales professionals with client companies. With so many options available, which is the best recruiting firm for your needs?

To better understand the firms and services available, ask these three questions in order to compare sales recruiting organizations.

How does your firm find talent?

Some recruiting firms find new candidates in a scattershot fashion, by cold-emailing prospects on LinkedIn or through other means. Others focus on building strong relationships within a particular industry or geographical area in order to have as many connections to top sales professionals as possible.

Understanding the way a sales staffing firm finds new talent can help you understand their overall approach to the recruitment process. It can also tell you whether they’ll open up new avenues for talent or simply look in the same places you’re already looking.

What experience do you have in our industry?

Some recruiting firms focus on job titles rather than industries. For instance, they may focus solely on placing sales professionals, but they work with clients in a wide range of fields and business ventures. Others will be industry-specific, focusing on placing sales candidates within a particular field.

When your recruiter focuses on your industry and closely related industries, they are more likely to understand the particular challenges you face in finding qualified sales talent. They’re also more likely to know which sales professionals have the experience you need and the desire to find a new company with which to stretch their wings.

If we say “no thank you” to your first candidate, what happens next?

This question helps you better understand the recruiter’s process when it comes to finding and recommending candidates. If passes are common, the recruiter may not be spending enough time focusing on matches between sales professionals and companies. They may also lack the depth of talent pool needed to recommend a new candidate quickly if their first match doesn’t end up being a good fit.

At SMR Group, our recruiters specialize in connecting our clients to the best sales and marketing talent in the medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. To learn more, contact us today.

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