LinkedIn was the first social media site to focus on building professional networks, and it’s still the premier place to connect to other sales and marketing professionals, expand your influence and seek a new job. Here’s how to expand your network on LinkedIn:

Personalize your connection requests.

LinkedIn tries to help professionals build their networks by offering suggested connections from its “people you may know” list. While the list makes it easy simply to click “connect,” the people you see on the list are more likely to accept your connection and engage with you if you take one additional step.

Go to the person’s profile and click “connect” there. LinkedIn will give you an option to add a personal note. Take this option! Mention why you’re messaging the person and that you hope to connect further.

Make sure your profile is complete.

A completed profile is an example of good LinkedIn etiquette. It demonstrates that you’re interested in connecting with others and that you’re proud of the work you’ve done. It also makes it easier for connections to find you, including past co-workers and recruiters.

When your profile is complete, new connections are more likely to accept your requests and to chat, as well. They can see who they’re talking to and more easily pinpoint areas of shared interest or concern, which are fertile ground for conversation.

Engage with LinkedIn frequently.

Frequent posts demonstrate that you’re actively engaged in your business and in the world around you, and they also provide conversation-starting content when you reach out to new connections or when new connections reach out to you. Participating in forum discussions helps you demonstrate your value by offering thoughtful responses to others’ problems and questions.

If updating one more site seems like too much work, look into tools that automatically cross-post information from your blog or portfolio to LinkedIn. This way, you can update LinkedIn at the same time you update your online presence in other areas.

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