When you have an open position in medical marketing, you can always reach out to your recruiter for help finding the right candidate. In some cases, however, the right candidate might already be in your office.

Here’s why you should consider hiring from within when it’s time to fill a medical marketing position:

An internal hire already knows your culture and goals.

Hiring a leader from outside the company can inject new life into a team, but it can also lead to instability and resentment. Choosing your new medical marketing manager from inside the team, however, can smooth the instability because your new hire already understands the right way to work within your organization to meet its goals and resonate with its culture.

Instead of spending their first days on the job getting to know both the team and company, your internal hire can spend that time focusing on how to lead and delegate. This shortens the learning curve and helps the team maintain its productivity.

Hiring internally demonstrates a commitment to cultivating talent.

Companies that hire internally communicate to their employees and the world at large that they’re interested in cultivating the skills and talent of their employees. They demonstrate that career growth matters to them and that they’re willing to help their people meet long-term career goals without having to find a new employer.

Career growth opportunities are one of the top things that superstar marketing candidates seek in an organization. By hiring internally, you put the company in a better position to attract top candidates when it’s time to make an external hire.

Your new hire can help you find a superstar replacement.

When you promote a current marketing team member to a new role, a hole is created in the role that person just left. Fortunately, you have the position’s last occupant right there in the office. He or she can tell you exactly what skills and abilities a new hire will need to thrive in that position.

Whether you seek another internal candidate to fill the role left behind by your recently-promoted marketing professional, or you seek an external candidate, the entire team benefits from the presence of the last person to hold the job. The new hire gains their mentorship and insight as well.

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