If you’re looking for the right step to take in your pharmaceutical sales career, you may already have considered speaking to a recruiter. Cultivating a solid relationship with your recruiter can help you ensure that your job search is a success.

Here’s what to do to start building a successful and productive relationship with your staffing firm:

Get professional.

Treat your interview with your recruiter just like you would an interview for your pharmaceutical sales dream job. Dress the part, prepare answers to common interview questions, and review your top accomplishments so you can discuss them with the recruiter in an engaging way.

Your recruiter interviews you for two reasons: to see how you handle yourself in an interview and to provide valuable feedback on improving your interview skills. Candidates who don’t treat this process seriously end up receiving feedback they may already know, instead of getting valuable advice to improve their existing skill set.

Tell your recruiter what you do and don’t want.

It may be tempting to say you’ll take anything, especially if you’ve been searching for longer than you wanted to. However, when you tell your recruiter what you do and don’t want in an employer, your recruiter can more easily match you to a job you’ll really love.

Talk about the jobs you liked most and the ones you liked least in your past career. What factors do each of them have in common? For instance, if you loved all the jobs that offered you independence to determine how to complete tasks, say so.

Stay on top of communication.

Recruiting firms tend to work quickly once a promising job offer comes up. To stay on top of the best opportunities, make communication with your recruiter a priority. Keep your phone handy, and respond to every phone call, text or email from your recruiter as soon as you spot it.

By staying on top of communication, you stay available for chances to interview with the best companies and hiring managers. You also demonstrate to your recruiter that you’re serious about landing your dream job.

Keep in touch.

Whether you accept a job your recruiter helped you find or find a job on your own, don’t disappear once you’re working again! Instead, reach out to your recruiter from time to time to share your progress and accomplishments. Recruiters love to see people thrive on the job, and they’ll be thrilled to hear you’re doing well. And if your new job ends up being less than what you dreamed, your recruiter may be able to help you  make another move.

At SMR Group, our recruiters help connect sales and marketing professionals to some of the best jobs and employers available in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. For help taking the next step on your career path, contact us today.

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