Turnover happens in every job and business, but it can be particularly vexing in medical sales. If your organization is facing disruptive turnover rates, consider implementing one or more of these methods to combat it.

  1. Re-align your hiring methods and goals.

In order to stay with your team and company, your employees need more than just strong sales skills. They also need to fit well into the company culture, supporting their teammates and contributing to the methods and approaches that get results with your ideal customers.

Start by looking at the traits that your top performers and veterans share. Then, use techniques like behavioral interview questions to seek candidates that share these traits.

While you’re rethinking your hiring practices, don’t forget to update job descriptions as well. New hires are more likely to leave if they discover that the job they applied for isn’t the same job they’re asked to do day to day. With updated job descriptions, you can be certain you’re describing exactly the work you need your next medical sales superstar to do.

  1. Do the math on compensation.

Does the total compensation package you offer compete fairly with offerings from similar companies? Within that package, is compensation balanced among pay, insurance, retirement and other benefits in a way that attracts top talent?

Data is readily available on pay and compensation trends within the medical sales industry. You can use online tools to look up information, or you can contact a recruiter, who can help you analyze your offerings and ensure they appeal to top candidates.

  1. Team up.

An outside source like a recruiter can be one of the best assets in combating high medical sales turnover. Your staffing partner can help you identify causes of turnover and fix them. Your recruiter can also help you find candidates who offer a promising cultural fit as well as the sales skills you need.

At SMR Group, our recruiters specialize in connecting our clients in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries with some of the best sales and marketing talent available – no matter how tight the job market gets. Contact us today to learn more.

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