Companies throughout the United States and the world require talented sales and marketing professionals. Opportunities abound – and some of those opportunities require you to relocate from your current address in order to seize them. 

Should you relocate? If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, ask yourself these questions: 

1. Does this job offer me my dream opportunities? Will I love what I do? 

Relocating is a big commitment, which means the payoff should be significant as well. A job that offers the career opportunities you’ve always dreamed of in your ideal work setting makes a stronger case for relocating than a job that is merely so-so.  

2. What are my future opportunities in this job and company? 

Relocating for a temporary or dead-end job represents a significant loss of time and money for work that may not pay off in the long run. If the job offers you several different options for building a long-term career, however, it may also be worth the work required to relocate. 

3. Where will I live? What are the costs?  

There’s little use in loving where you work if you hate where you live. Before relocating, research the new location and its surrounding areas. Try to visit several potential neighborhoods before you start looking for housing. Also, consider the cost of living in the new area. Calculate the cost of relocation and determine whether the company will assist you, or if you’re on the hook for the entire bill.  

4. Do both the company and the new community offer a good fit for me and my family? 

Ideally, relocation offers you and your family the chance to start fresh in a place that better suits your values, goals and lifestyle. Make sure both the company’s internal culture and the new city or community offer the right fit for you and your family. Talk to people who already live and work in the area to get a firsthand account of life there.  

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