Nearly every job posting for sales professionals comes with a laundry list of “experience” that hiring managers look for in sales candidates. Often, sought-after experience is presented as a list of bullet points, which can make it difficult for sales candidates to determine which of their own experiences to highlight as the most helpful for the company.

Applying for sales jobs? Here are some of the recommended sales experiences that may be beneficial to you when applying.

Start with the job posting.

Many job postings aren’t clear on exactly what type of experience the hiring manager wants to hear about. They are, however, often pretty clear on the list of skills they expect their ideal sales candidate to be able to demonstrate.

Start by analyzing the skills listed on the job posting. Then, think about specific sales experiences you’ve had where you used those particular skills.

For example, if the job posting calls for an ability to build relationships with new customers, think about experiences where you managed to convert a new lead quickly, or where your willingness to go the extra mile to provide information to a lead eventually resulted in a sale. Focus on these experiences to show that you have the skills this employer prizes most.

Don’t hesitate to share your learning experiences.

The reason most hiring managers ask candidates about their weaknesses or failures is not to embarrass the candidate. Rather, the hiring manager wants to understand how you learn from missteps and bounce back.

Think about times that you made a mistake or failed at a sales task. Consider what you learned from that experience and how you used that learning to avoid making the same mistake or failure in a future situation. If that future situation hasn’t presented itself yet, consider how you plan to use what you learned to change the outcome if the same problem presents itself in the future.

Get a professional on your side.

Recruiters specialize in building relationships and understanding the industries they serve. This means that your recruiter will often have the inside scoop on a particular company or job – including knowledge of which sales skills and experience you should highlight in order to grab the hiring manager’s attention.

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