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The evidence is in: Diverse teams are no longer a “nice to have.” Data demonstrates that diversity, equity, and inclusion on sales teams are key drivers of success. Diverse sales teams outperform teams whose members all share common backgrounds, experiences, and worldviews.

Yet the benefits of a diverse medical sales team don’t stop with a boosted bottom line. Here are three ways diverse hiring benefits your medical sales team:

How Can Diverse Hiring Help Your Medical Sales Team?

1. Diverse teams are more innovative and flexible.

When every member of a sales team comes from a similar background, they may feel like they have “a lot in common,” – but they may miss opportunities because they have no one to challenge their unconscious assumptions about how the world works.

When your sales team members have co-workers from different backgrounds, they submit each idea to a group that is better equipped to spot both problems and opportunities. These teams are more innovative and flexible – two traits that are essential in a rapidly-changing world.

2. Diverse hiring attracts top talent – from every walk of life.

When hiring teams are committed to diversity, they expect to attract more diverse candidates. Yet they often experience an unexpected side effect: They find their hiring efforts are attracting and keeping better candidates – from all walks of life.

Today’s top talent isn’t focused solely on their own growth. They want to see evidence that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team will support and amplify their efforts. A robust DEI hiring initiative can build teams that attract and keep top talent.

3. A focus on diversity helps you find top talent your competitors miss. 

In the US today, millions of professionals deviated from the standard path on their way to their current level of skill and expertise. Stick to outdated or unconscious biases about what success looks like, and you’ll overlook these candidates.

Sales teams that are shifting their focus on skills-based hiring, however, aren’t overlooking these candidates. Instead, they’re hiring them – and benefiting from their abilities.

Looking For Sales Employees?

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