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The sudden shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has had lasting effects on every industry. For sales and marketing teams, the shift to remote work unlocks the opportunity to leverage digital technologies for optimal results.

To get the most from remote work, however, sales and marketing teams need leadership who understand how to adapt these technologies to the demands of the job. Here’s how to update your sales approach to embrace the benefits of a remote work world.

Here is How to Update Your Medical Sales Strategy for a Remote World

Data is king.

In the past, managers assumed that if they could see sales and marketing teams at their desks, they were seeing productivity. Remote work changed this assumption. Now, top managers understand that the appearance of work doesn’t always generate quantitative evidence of success.

To lead remote teams successfully, focus on the data, not on the performance. Look at how well your team performs and help them meet their goals.

Keep your teams organized in one (digital) place.

The construction industry has a famous saying: “You don’t get paid for the work you do; you get paid for the work you document.”

Adapt this approach for your sales teams. The work that counts is the work they document – and how they document that work can make or break team success.

Use a single digital platform to keep your team’s work organized in one place. Using an updated CRM, for instance, can ensure that everyone has access to the information they need at the right time. This way, it’s easy for team members to step in to support one another – and easy for leaders to track results.

Encourage communication through regular check-ins.

When your team is working remotely, you can’t drop by each desk for a chat. But you can recreate the experience – and build team members’ proactive communication habits at the same time.

Set a time each day for teams to check in via email. You may wish to do this near the end of the workday. At this check-in, ask each team member to name one to three things they accomplished that day. This check-in keeps the team on track, gives leaders a quick overview of the work done, and gives team members an accountability goal.

Have You Updated Your Sales Strategy?

A remote work world can boost productivity while also helping your team preserve work-life balance. At SMR Group Ltd., our recruiters specialize in connecting our clients to top sales and marketing talent throughout the United States. If you’re looking for skilled candidates who will thrive in the medical device, pharmaceutical, or biotech industries. contact us today.

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