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2023 is just around the corner. While you’re making your New Year’s resolutions, take a moment to give your resume the update it deserves.

Here’s how to present hiring managers with a resume that makes your top qualities stand out:

What Should Your Resume Look Like in 2023?

Add your top accomplishments for 2022.

Update your resume by adding your biggest achievements in the past year. Whenever you can, present these in concrete, quantifiable terms. For instance, an updated resume may include an achievement like “Improved team efficiency by 33% in Q3 2022 by implementing a new CRM solution.”

Remove older accomplishments to make room for new ones. 

Your work from 2017 or 2018 may still be impressive – but as you collect new achievements, you’ll need to make room for them by retiring older ones.

The one time you shouldn’t remove an older achievement? When it’s directly relevant to the position you want to apply for. In this case, it matters that you achieved something you’ll need to do in the new role – even if you did it five years ago.

Update your formatting and design.

Not every resume needs a formatting and design refresh. If you haven’t changed the look of your resume in a while, however, it’s worth taking some time to explore new ideas. Type “resume format and design ideas 2023″ into your favorite search engine for inspiration.

Review and update contact information.

If your address, phone number, or email address have changed – or even if they haven’t – take time to review them for correctness. On a separate page from your resume, look over contact information for your professional references. Update your references to include people with current knowledge of your skills and abilities.

Triple-check your spelling and grammar.

Spelling and grammar-checking tools are a good start, but don’t trust them with your entire future. Triple-check your resume for typos or other errors. Better yet, have a trusted colleague, family member, or friend take a look at the document for you.

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