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Medical sales is a vast industry, and no two roles are alike. If you’re interested in sales or want to put a medical background to use in a new way, here are five fast-growing career opportunities in medical sales.

What are the Top 5 Growing Medical Sales Fields?

1. Biotechnology Sales

Biotechnology sales reps are often indistinguishable from pharmaceutical sales professionals – at least to the untrained eye. Biotech sales professionals, however, tend to have deeply specialized knowledge about the product and its uses. If you consider yourself a life sciences nerd, biotechnology sales may offer the right fit.

2. Medical Device Sales

Medical devices are specialized items used to treat patients. They include everything from bandages to artificial joints, pacemakers, and prosthetics. A medical device sales rep benefits from knowing enough about a particular medical field to converse with experts – because they customers to whom they sell are experts in their field. Constant learning is a feature of medical device sales.

3. Medical Equipment Sales

Medical equipment sales professionals sell a huge variety of items, from IV tubing to state-of-the-art hospital beds. This position requires less knowledge of the life sciences but a deeper commitment to learning the intricacies of a vast range of products. Those who are adaptable and curious may thrive in medical equipment sales.

4. Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical sales representatives collaborate with physicians to connect patients to the right medications. Pharma sales offers a twist on the traditional sales relationship: While pharmaceutical sales reps sell to physicians, it’s the patient who receives the product. These sales reps must balance the needs of multiple parties in order to land deals.

5. Surgical Sales

Surgical sales reps thrive in the fast-paced world of the operating room, where they must think on their feet. They tend to be oriented to the present, looking for ways to help customers and patients in the moment. They often handle negotiations for both price and service agreements.

Ready to Work in Medical Sales?

Whether you’re new to medical sales or want a change in direction, talk to the recruiters at SMR Group Ltd. We specialize in connecting sales and marketing talent to some of the best job and employers in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries. To learn more, reach out to us today.

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