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Salespeople often enter the profession because they enjoy building relationships, both professional and personal. Yet many sales professionals neglect to build one of the most valuable relationships of all: A relationship with a mentor.

Mentors provide valuable advice and perspective. The strongest mentor relationships give back to mentors as well. Here’s what to look for when seeking a mentor to help you with your sales career.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Sales Mentor?

A Track Record of Success

Sales professionals turn to a mentor because they want to do their jobs better. So it makes sense to choose a mentor whose track record demonstrates success.

When considering potential mentors, look for people who have experience achieving goals that are similar to your own goals. Also, consider those who have overcome challenges similar to the challenges you face. These mentors offer a wealth of experience that can help inform your own path.

A Positive and Welcoming Attitude

No mentor relationship will get far if your mentor is pessimistic, surly, or pushes you away when you ask for help. Mentors who embrace the role of mentorship both teach their mentees more and learn more themselves in the process.

When considering potential mentors, gravitate toward those who project a “can-do” attitude and who demonstrate a willingness to share advice and to lead. But don’t get too carried away by their demeanor – check to see whether their behavior matches their track record.

Strong Listening Skills

All sales professionals benefit from strong listening skills, but these skills are particularly important in a mentor. Your mentor should be able to attend to the problems you’re facing and serve as a sounding board for them.

Look for mentors who listen, who ask questions, and who think about the situation you are in. Avoid those whose advice consists of telling you what they did when faced with a similar problem – but that never addresses what you should do in the present.

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