The short answer is yes, but with a caveat. There’s no magic bullet. But… 

Sales professionals generally agree that while there is no magic sales bullet, there are some tried and true techniques to get your sales cycle started off on the right foot.

Selling to busy doctors and medical technicians can be tough for any medical sales professional, as healthcare information company Carevoyance points out. But with a little strategic planning and few tips, you can get off to a great start on every sales call.

The medical sales field is highly competitive and every sales representative needs an edge. At SMR Group, our track record shows that that edge can definitely be a relationship with a great recruiter! 

First a quick sales 101 tip. As a sales rep, you want to make a great first impression on your prospect. It may be a cold call or you may have sold to the prospect previously. Either way, first impressions matter, every time.  

In this post, you’ll learn how to accomplish these four sales objectives: 

  • Get the Prospect’s Attention
  • Qualify the Prospect
  • Build rapport with the prospect
  • Set a Follow Up Meeting

In sales, you need to get the prospect’s attention. 

Let them know that you’ve been having great success in their space with the product or service that you want to talk about. Don’t be afraid to show some excitement about your product. Elaborate on how it’s helping similar clients to your prospect. 

Make sure you let them know that the sales call is about them; the doctors and clinicians, their practice, and their patients.  

Once you have their attention, make sure you qualify the prospect’s need for your product or service. 

No doubt you have a great product or service to talk about! But if the prospect doesn’t need it right now, don’t waste your time and theirs.  

Build rapport with the prospect. People buy from people they know and trust.

If you’ve never sold to the prospect before, try to get a reference from another client, especially another doctor. Doctors tend to have a high level of respect for their colleagues. This type of reference can be a great ice-breaker.  

Set Up a Follow Up Meeting

Now it’s your time to shine with a killer presentation! Now you can get more granular with the prospect on price, financing, lead times for purchase, etc. Most importantly though, make sure you can quickly and concisely articulate the medical and business value of your product or service.

There’s no magic bullet to becoming a great salesperson. But by sticking with these simple guidelines, you will soon have some great prospects and deals ready to close!

At SMR Group, we help candidates just like you find the perfect medical sales job every day!

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