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While it’s unreasonable to expect total dedication, you should want the members of your sales team to buy into your company, what it stands for and what your company has to offer, and are aligned with company goals. When your sales team has bought into these concepts, it leads to higher sales, which is rewarding for both the company and the representatives themselves.

In this post, you’ll learn the importance of buy-in and several ways you can increase buy-in among your sales staff:

  • Communicate a Vision
  • Leverage Individual Strengths
  • Practice Two-Way Communication
  • Make Room for Adjustments

Unfortunately, buy-in takes work from leadership. It’s also important for sales leadership to maintain a level of buy-in from their reps through an on-going effort.

Four Ways To Increase Buy-In From Your Team

Establish and Maintain a Vision

A vision for your sales team doesn’t have to be some lofty goal. It can simply be to create a supportive environment where reps help one another to reach their goals.

Whatever your vision is, you need to clearly communicate it to the team. Lay out where you are today and where you plan to be in the future. Ensure you show how your visions suits the organization’s overall goals, how striving to reach it will benefit them and the ways you plan to determine success

Make Use of Individual Strengths

to increase engagement, ensure the duties or regions you delegate to each rep play to their individual strengths. When people are allowed to flex their strengths, they tend to be more inspired.

Clearly explain to each rep how their unique strengths are essential to getting individual and team results. If possible, allow them to get involved in how their strengths can be used in the course of doing their job.

Communications Ought to Be a Two-Way Street

Keep in touch and make yourself available to ensure sales reps are always clear on what they should be working toward achieving. If there are times during the day when you just can’t make yourself available, commit to answering emails during set hours of the workday.

While you need to engage in two-way communication with your team, that doesn’t mean you ought to address every complaint. Sometimes people just need to vent, and just offering a bit of empathy can go a long way. You can’t facilitate more productive conversations by encouraging reps to bring solutions when they schedule a one-on-one conversation.

Get Feedback and Make Changes

Sometimes, leaders don’t realize that their efforts to engage employees aren’t as effective as they’d like them to be. Get in the habit of soliciting feedback from your team. Consider their advice and any possible adjustments. Making chances doesn’t mean admitting defeat. In this situation, it simply means you value the input of your team members, and this humble act can actually increase buy-in from your reps.

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