Helping Your Team Avoid Burnout in the Holiday Season


Helping Your Team Avoid Burnout in the Holiday Season | SMR Group

The winter holidays can be a source of fun and relaxation, but they’re also a source of stress for many people. The pressure to wrap up team goals and meet end-of-year deadlines collides with a sudden increase in work to prepare for holiday events and entertain family members. To help your team avoid burnout in… Read more »

4 Time-Management Strategies for Managers That Actually Work


Time management is many managers’ number-one concern. There are always more tasks on the to-do list than hours in the workday to do them. Yet all the gadgets and gimmicks in the world won’t help unless you understand why and how they’re meant to work. Here are four time-management strategies to help you take control… Read more »

Striking a Balance in Your Management Style


Nobody likes a manager who is all business all the time – but nobody respects a manager who only tries to be “fun.” In fact, the most effective managers know when to guide in a lighthearted manner and when to be serious. How can you strike a balance in your management style so your team… Read more »