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The COVID-19 pandemic placed new emphasis on digital skills, as jobs went remote and teams communicated online. Although lockdowns have ended, these new digital skills remain in demand – and they’re likely to do so into the future.

Five digital skills in high demand among sales candidates include:

What Digital Skills Should Sales Professionals Have?

Advanced Search Capabilities 

Twenty years ago, the ability to run a basic Google search set many sales professionals apart from their colleagues. Today, search skills still matter – but the skills and tools required to stand out have changed. Salespeople who familiarize themselves with Google’s analytics tools and other search methods hone important skills that help them stand out.

Building Relationships Through Social Media

A strong social media presence is a must for sales professionals. Prospective customers and new contacts are naturally curious about you and your work. Spend time learning how to build and maintain connections through various social media platforms.

Using Data Analytics for Deeper Insights

Data analytics, often backed by artificial intelligence, are the future of work. These tools have a profound impact on how professionals understand what they do and what their clients need. Dive into data analytics skills to stand out from the crowd.

Creating and Curating Content

Social media relationship-building is vital, and it is facilitated by content. Whether you maintain your own blog or YouTube channel or simply curate content, these skills help ensure that your followers have a reason to keep coming back – and to see you as an expert.

Adapting a Message for Various Channels

Social media allows for one message, such as a new product announcement, to be shared in myriad ways. Sharing messages in different media and formats allows it to reach a wider audience. An essential digital skill for sales and marketing professionals is knowing how to adapt one message to make it compelling for a variety of channels, formats, and audiences.

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