That might sound a bit daunting to most recruiting consulting firms. But not to us. At SMR Group, quality of hire is in our DNA.  

But why is quality of hire so important with sales professionals?

Top-tier account executives typically outperform the rest of the sales team by up to 200%.

These top producers are highly sought after, and that makes them hard to find and hire. Hiring managers know that the process of sourcing, recruiting, and hiring top sales producers doesn’t just happen. It takes time-tested solutions with a long history of success. 

In this post, you’ll learn how SMR Group’s Talent Field Mining Process™  emphasizes quality of hire from start to finish.   

The three essential pillars of the SMR quality assurance process are:

  • Ensure Candidate Quality Early On in the Screening Process
  • Narrow the Search Early In the Process
  • Assist with the Interview, Hiring, and Onboarding Process

So let’s get started!

Ensure candidate quality early on in the screening process.

We conduct targeted research for every candidate search. Our ATS/SaaS platform ensures the capture and archive of all mandated data relevant to each search engagement.  

Our Talent Field Mining Process™ entails exhaustive mining of all targeted talent fields. The process drills deep to identify, qualify and recruit the quality talent that will deliver the top producer you’re looking for.

Starting the quality assurance process early on in the sales candidate search process ensures the hiring team that there won’t be any false starts.    

Narrow the search quickly, but judiciously. 

This part of the search process brings candidate experience to the forefront. You want optimal time-to-hire, with exceptional candidate quality.  

SMR Group is committed to providing a candidate experience that is focused on our client’s hiring needs and expectations. The central focus is on the right candidate experience and our client’s employer value proposition.

We’ve narrowed the search. Now it’s time to sell our hiring client’s value proposition vs. identified candidate career preferences and options. 

Assist with the Interview, Hiring, and Onboarding Process

If we’ve done our job up to this point, you’re ready to interview two or three great candidates with the potential to be top sales producers. We’re to help with whatever you need in this part of the process. 

Some of the things we can help with include; interview scheduling, travel reservations, candidate deselection notices, background checks, offer presentation and affirmation, onboarding logistics, and more. You pick only the services you need.

What’s the bottom line? If you’re a hiring manager or human resources professional tasked with finding a top sales producer, we can help! 

At SMR Consultants, we help clients just like you find that perfect candidate every day!

Call us today at 908-789-2001, or get in touch online. Our expert recruiters are waiting for your call.

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