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Every sales professional has a set of core skills essential to success in their chosen field. Today, many of these skills are digital skills or have digital counterparts.

To accelerate your sales career and stand out from your peers, put these four digital sales skills to use.

What Digital Sales Skills Will Help You Stand Out?

Advanced Search Skills

Nearly every sales professional can run a Google search for basic information. Yet knowing how to use search engines requires more than merely typing a word or phrase into a search box.

To gain access to higher quality information faster, focus on building advanced digital search skills. These include the ability to use Boolean logic to craft search strings and knowledge of how to identify high-quality sources – and to avoid low-quality or inaccurate sources.

Digital Networking

Sales professionals are often excellent at in-person networking, yet some find that their in-person skills don’t translate to a digital environment. Those who understand the unique nature of digital communications can more easily adapt to the transition between in-person and digital environments.

How people communicate in digital environments is shaped in part by the digital tools used to communicate. While the goal is still to communicate value, you can leap ahead by tailoring that value addition to the digital networking tools you’re using. Focus on understanding when to reach out to others and how to customize messages.

Choosing KPIs

Are your digital sales and networking efforts paying off? The ability to choose the right metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) is an essential skill for sales professionals, yet it’s often overlooked in formal sales education.

Learning what to track and how to track it can set you ahead of the competition. Look for clear metrics that communicate what you want to know and choose digital tools that make it easy to track these data points.

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