That’s a great question. 

Hiring managers tend to agree that sales positions are hard to fill 

According to sales training giant Rain Group, “It takes an average of three months for a new seller to be ready to interact with buyers, nine months for them to be competent to perform, and 15 months for them to become a top performer.” 

The process of recruiting and hiring great salespeople will be much simpler if you know some fundamental character traits that all top producers possess.   

In this post, you’ll learn about these four professional traits that all great sales professionals share: 

  • Tenacity
  • Self Motivation
  • Desire to Learn
  • Bonus Trait (This One Is Important!)

So let’s get started!

Has anyone ever met a successful salesperson that wasn’t tenacious? 

The sales team is responsible for bringing in the revenue that fuels the company’s bottom line.    

Sales reps have to search for customers who potentially need their products and services, will listen to their value proposition, and will ultimately spend money with them based on trust and a personal relationship. This sales process can seem like searching for a needle in a haystack, and it takes tenacity to see it through.

A close cousin to tenacity is self-motivation

Every hiring manager and human resources professional knows that all great salespeople demonstrate this character trait. Sales professionals know they need to close business, sign deals, and perform to the satisfaction of the client, as promised.

Sales commission plans are also typically tied to performance. This kind of compensation plan will only attract confident, self-motivated people.

Knowledge is power!

Every great sales professional knows that they have to be at the top of their game when articulating their value proposition to a prospect. Sometimes you only get one chance at a sales opportunity. 

Great salespeople are always anxious to learn. They know that intimate product knowledge and expertise can be the deciding factor in a competitive sales campaign.

 And the bonus trait? Great salespeople listen more than they talk. Average salespeople tend to talk over the customer and often miss key buyer indications throughout the sales cycle.   

So where do you find these great salespeople? We can help. We have great candidates looking for great companies to work for.

Are you a hiring manager or human resources professional with a sales job search, or searches, underway? 

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