What Should You Look for in a Sales Employer?


What Should You Look for in a Sales Employer? | SMR Group

Sales professionals interested in pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical device work can find dozens of job postings online on any given day. Many of these jobs may sound promising – but which employer will be the right fit for you? Here’s how to evaluate employers as you navigate the job search process. What Key Characteristics Should… Read more »

Dos and Don’ts for Sales Professionals Selling Their Skills in an Interview


Dos and Don'ts for Sales Professionals Selling Their Skills in an Interview | SMR Group

The hiring process is a sales process. Your resume works as an early sales or briefing document, while your interview is a chance to make your presentation and build important relationships. Sales professionals know their skills are being scrutinized in an interview. Here are dos and don’ts for putting your sales skills to work during… Read more »

3 Behavioral Interview Questions to Ask Every Sales Candidate


3 Behavioral Interview Questions to Ask Every Sales Candidate | SMR Group

It’s easy to ask candidates what they imagine themselves doing in a given situation. It’s even easier for candidates to give a glowing response to that question. Humans are often optimistic – we tend to give the most upbeat picture of ourselves in imagined scenarios, even if what we actually do is quite different. Behavioral… Read more »

How to Tell if Someone is as Ambitious as They Seem in an Interview


“I’m a real go-getter!”  These words are easy to say, which means that candidates in sales and marketing interviews often say them. And while they tell you how the candidate would like to be perceived, they don’t indicate how ambitious the candidate actually is.  Here are some more effective ways to measure a candidate’s ambition. … Read more »

Thank You Notes Can Be a Game Changer


As children, many of us were required to write thank-you notes in response to gifts we received from family or friends. While it may have felt like a chore as a child, in adulthood, writing thank you notes is one of the most powerful tools job candidates have.    A thank you note leaves a… Read more »

Interview Help: “Tell Me About a Deal You Lost”


During an interview for a sales position, you may be asked to talk about a deal you lost or failed to close.   This question, a variation on “Tell me about a time you failed,” isn’t intended to embarrass you or give the interviewer a reason not to hire you. Instead, the interviewer wants to understand… Read more »

Interview Help: “What’s Your Sales Process?”


Every sales interview will include at least one question about your sales process or methodology. An interviewer might ask directly, “What’s your sales process?”, or they may ask a more detailed question, like “How do you generate, develop and close sales opportunities?”  No matter how the question is phrased, it offers candidates the same chance… Read more »

How to Answer, “Why Do You Want to Work in Sales?”


“Why do you want to work in sales?” is one of the most commonly-asked questions in a sales job interview. To stand out from other candidates, you’ll need to put some thought into your answer before your interview date arrives.  Here’s what to consider when crafting your answer to the question, “why do you want to… Read more »